BJSM group consists of six committees to manage various activities of the group.

Social media committee consists of band of people who wants everyone to know what BJSM is doing. This committee publishes communications regarding various events and initiatives organised by the BJSM group. The committee uses social media effectively to bring people together and keep them engaged. The band consists of Nisha Jyoti, Dhiraj Pandey and Anand Prakash.

Event committee manages the entire schedule and activities of any event organised by BJSM group. The committee takes lead for hosting the events and ensures guests are well entertained and engaged. The committee consists of Nisha Jyoti.

The facilities committee ensures necessary arrangement of venue, facilities, music systems and other things are considered and arranged. The committee consists of Vimal, Abhishek Dubey.

Food committee consists of enthusiastics foodies who like to ensure everyone gets a good taste and leave with sweet memories of food post event. The team consists of Sanjeet.

The accounting committee keeps account of all expenses of BJSM group. This committee ensures all other committee receive right amount of funding to continue execution of various tasks The committee is led by Vimal.

Sponsorship committee aims to raise funds for BJSM group. BJSM is a fully not for profit organisation and hence, this committee continues to seek support from various sponsors to help meet cost of various initiatives, activities and events organised by by BJSM. The committee consists of group of dynamic duo Sameer Pandey and Subhash Jha.

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