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BJSM aims to provide members with useful information that may help people find required services or information  that can help them save time. Some of these information may help members who have recently arrived in Australia. Below are some of useful info and website:

  • For renting home in Australia, you may need to do a bit of research and finding on websites. Advertisement for available home for rent is published online and you may need to watch for inspection information online and plan accordingly. For finding home for rent, you may access these websites:  and
  • For any medical emergencies, dial 000 (
  • For driving license and host of other government services –>
  • Access to myGov account that connects to centrelink, ATO and other services –>
  • For seamless access to Australia’s vast motorways, it might be a good idea to have an E-Toll account. This helps in save time in paying Toll for individual uses. For E-Toll services –>
  • AGL is widely used organisation for utility connections in Australia. For electricity, Gas connection from AGL –> However, there are few websites that give you online comparison on service providers and their offers. Two of these sites are: and
  • Opal cards are used widely in Sydney and other areas for cashless access to public transport. It is advisable to have Opal card and online account for easy travel. Website for OPAL cards –>
  • At times, you may require plumber or electrical or any other services. For any local services –>
  • While travelling in Australia, it is important to know about rest areas on your route. It also helps to know facilities available in those rest areas for better experience and planning. You may access this website for more information:
  • While Sydney is full of parks, some of the good water parks can be found here:
  • You can find a lot of Indian stores in Harris Park and Wenworthville. If you are in parramatta, you can also go to ‘country growers’ located on level 5 in Westfield
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